Healint revolutionizes healthcare

Who Are We?

Through treatment innovations, medical technologies and care provision, health stakeholders are seeking to improve the patients' journey and guaranty the best outcomes. To support this global health movement and help patients, Healint provides services and innovative solutions through mobile devices, sensors, machine learning and big data for the management of chronic diseases.

Today, Healint is following more than 500.000 patients around the world with complex neurologic disorders and has already petabytes of Real-World data: - to upgrade algorithms, to support health research, to improve clinical and commercial outcomes - to revolutionize healthcare.


real world evidence

Real-World Evidence

Bring Real World Evidence (RWE) to your organization for real-time insights.

Branding & marketing Management

Create brand messaging that truly resonates with your audience.


Salesforce Management

Improve your salesforce effectiveness based on real-time and real-world data.

Our People

We are a young and international team of 8 nationalities and 18 languages spoken fluently. Our mission is to empower data and bring wild innovation to revolutionize healthcare.

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