It all began with a medical emergency

In 2013, Francois Cadiou, co-founder of Healint, had no inkling that his father had just suffered a stroke. In fact, no one did - except for the people who were treating an unknown man at a French hospital.

Francois set out to...

Develop an app that would allow people experiencing a major health crisis to get help (and notify their family members) by simply shaking their phone. One thing led to another, and soon he realised there were numerous uses for the technology he and his team had developed. Through observing behaviour, stress, and other factors, it was possible not only to predict strokes but also a migraine attack.

In 2014, Francois and the team launched Migraine Buddy; today, it is the #1 migraine patient app in the world with soon 1,000,000 people using it globally. Our goal is for Healint's entire suite of services to revolutionize the neurological community's approach to the treatment of pain and brain conditions, improving the lives of the one billion affected families.




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